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Briggs 06-17-2009 06:15 AM

Forum Rules - Please read *Important* Updated 18th Jan 2010
Since this board has had an influx of users, its time we set down some basic ground rules.

Please No:
  • Linking & selling to your Unlock / Debrand website services or auctions etc
  • No warez or linking to warez
  • Please use the search feature! Double posts will be removed
  • No Spamming your site links for SEO purposes
  • No linking to paid for i8910 Firmware, it should be free!
  • Please no swearing. While were not a religious site. There is no need to use continuous profanity's. Its just plain ugly. Lets keep in clean and friendly.

This is not a forum for selling! So please do not post PM users trying to sell. This is not a market place. But a place for fellow and future i8910 owners to gather and discuss this great phone, share info. Resolve problems etc

Vbulletin uses an infraction system. We having the following set up to keep the forums trouble free.

1 infraction is a warning
2 infractions = a temporary ban for 2 days
3 infractions = a permanent ban

Updated 18/01/10. Please note due to spammers, new users will have limited forum functions. This is in till you have reached 10 posts then you can upload an avatar, attachments and use signatures etc

While this my seem harsh to some its like this to keep the forum the way it is. If you receive an infraction, its because you have broken some of our ground rules above.

Please if you see any SPAM or posts you think are not appropriate. Please use the Report to Moderator link in the post.

Thanks for reading and Enjoy the great Samsung i8910 HD community we have here :)

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