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Samsung i8910 Themes, Widgets and other GUI graphical modifications

  1. Universal_Hybrid[Please re-upload!]
  2. Swype skinning doable
  3. Orange Tsunami Style i8910
  4. Ubuntu font on i8910
  5. [Help needed] OraTsu on N205
  6. Help required with HTC Sense UI Theme for Omnia HD
  7. N97 homescreen [Gdesk] on Samsungomnia
  8. theme request,pls help
  9. incredible_sheep Theme's
  10. Jingmask theme from S^3
  11. Need u own theme ? do it here...
  12. Spark by HipLogic
  13. LockClock thingy
  14. Change the Real Player Icon
  15. [TUTORIAL] How to change opened apps indicator.
  16. my spb wallpapers collection
  17. Live Animated Wallpapers and Custom Widgets problem
  18. bluespectrum on n2o4
  19. colour icons missing from nx v8.32 ?
  20. Help: Need Samsung startup.mbm & where to put it!
  21. Original Universal Theme wanted
  22. [HS] ThumbWheel 3 - One Wheel To Rule Them All
  23. Nature Macro Wallpapers for Omnia HD
  24. Password protected lockscreen
  25. green by sajad [ theme ]
  26. skull by me [ theme ]
  27. New and different HS
  28. even more homescreens
  29. brother hood theme by me
  30. symbian ^3 homescreen
  31. new homescreen again
  32. live menu effect!
  33. Morkino's Themes
  34. Widget to lock screen?
  35. Background change of Morkinos Nero HD II theme
  36. Dropped a Widget
  37. could someone help with photo widget
  38. [New] Iphone4 Home Screen
  39. Tutorial to get Gadgets and Live wallpaper in your Omnia Homescreen
  40. Gadget.swf edited for live wallpapers
  41. Symbian 3 on Nokia5800!!!!
  42. Widgetizer
  43. Universal theme pleasee
  44. Displaying Chinese characters on HX-V5
  45. file names
  46. Widgets for "nuova Orange Tsunami"
  47. Request Default Startup-shutdown animated
  48. Orange tsunami homescreen
  49. Flashlite wallpaper for your Homescreen
  50. Tutorial: How to obtain skinned WEB folder icon
  51. Which theme is this ?
  52. Latest Themes for samsung Omnia
  53. Desire theme from Fenil's LITv2
  54. Hello
  55. HX-V5 Theme
  56. Would you like to create abstract SVG walls for your themes in few clicks? Read on...
  57. Launch multiple Apps with one Widget
  58. 80 New Wallpapers
  59. SoEr Vivaz Homescreen
  60. Widget Wizard - Java App to create Shortcut widgets (.wgt)
  61. HTC clock without widget bar
  62. Help Needed: How to Create a Theme?
  63. Startup Animation
  64. Future Flow Theme by uPPeR. (me)
  65. Request: Sons of Anarchy theme
  66. Desire by maiukek
  67. Themes By NitroNeo Specifically 5th Edition
  68. Pizero Earth Wallpaper
  69. Calender Widgets! What's a good one?
  70. Wallpaper request: HX-V3 17 Wallpaper
  71. New!Lamp Widget by Joker2009
  72. Creating WRT widgets.
  73. [Request] wallpaper
  74. System Notifications & Confirmation Messages
  75. start widget
  76. Theme: Earth By PiZero with custom icons!!! Updated (6.4.10.)
  77. Are these themes compatible?
  78. [Wanted] "Precision" theme's icons
  79. question, how big can a widget be,
  80. How to: Change icons and applications on Basic, FingerUse (Widgets And Menu)
  81. Best Icons imo
  82. AccuWeather Widget from 5800
  83. ATTENTION mod project z:\ gadget.swf
  84. Original Theme Needed
  85. Transfer icons from one theme to another with Theme Graphics Switcher
  86. ATTENTION TUTORIAL: As delete widgets in a few clicks
  87. HX2.02 Theme
  88. Great Wallpaper to show off Screen
  89. Change Colors of a Theme
  90. Samsung original Saffron wall
  91. Backgrounded Slide - By maisics offcourse :P
  92. My Wallpappers, maybe someone likes them
  93. Original SE Vivaz themes
  94. Adding a menu background to a theme with none
  95. Changing operator logo text
  96. Sticky notes widget
  97. Resco photoviewer widget
  98. How do I simply make a shortcut of a application on the desktop?
  99. Getting the shortcut bar of the Orange homescreen in any theme
  100. Theme: Omnia HD by [email protected] (developed for I8910)
  101. i8910 Guitarist Wallpaper
  102. UP May 05 New Version 24th HTC2 Sense Clock v5.5 Ru
  103. Nokia 5800 and N97 Theme # 1123 - Symbian^3 By AJ23
  104. Remove Widgets
  105. Dial pad with different themes
  106. Theme Graphics Switcher
  107. REQUEST: Extract Precision Icons
  108. Wallapapers made by me!!
  109. Up Mar 25 New Version of Accu Clock 3.0 12th and 24th
  110. New accu clock with 6 shortcuts - modded by me
  111. i8910 Twitter Widget - working active widget (pics added) - Updated 01/04/10
  112. New accu clock with 8 shortcuts
  113. Black by Nature HD THEME
  114. How to make Menu Bar - Transparent
  115. TAT UI integration
  116. Profiles Widget
  117. Kastor Effects on HX 2.02
  118. BlackBlue_gnokkia Theme Ripped by withmenilu
  119. Flip clock with 8 shortcuts
  120. How use Opera Browser WIDGETS on Omnia HD
  121. FevvClock Overhaul, The new LiamClock! 12hrs, date centered v2.50 available NOW!!
  122. omnia hd spaceship wallpaper
  123. N97 homescreen on Omnia HD??
  124. Tutorial: Change icons and applications on Finger Use HomeScreen
  125. Tequila's "Theme" Park [More Coming]
  126. Landscape Desktop
  127. Adding Widgets
  128. Widgets - change size
  129. [INDEX] tutorials and important threads
  130. [Request] Theme from HX 1.62
  131. [Review] Pizero Black Pro (blue)
  132. Working WiFi widget shortcut?
  133. i8910 HD Homescreen icon edit! COOL!
  134. Animation
  135. UPDATE!! download links active!! Hi! Home Screen Animated animal and widgets (Fixed)
  136. vMenu 1.52 (updated 09.03.2010)
  137. MEGA COMBO PACK by liliantungary (now support Omnia HD)
  138. Widget ContactME to call and send your favorite contact from desktop
  139. Original Precision Theme Mod
  140. Please share your favourite themes and wallpapers !!
  141. Change your Bootscreen to GIF, Packed by Oreo27
  142. Help me out with modding themes??
  143. More Shortcuts
  144. Icon size and resolution??
  146. Way to always allow net access of wgz widgets?
  147. GOLD Themes
  148. Modified Precision Theme
  149. wikipedia reader widget
  150. Which element in carbide?
  151. How I change the colors in the radio??
  152. Precision theme with black background!
  153. Precision Theme
  154. Vodafone HomeScreen
  155. The Truth and Nothing But-**Themes**
  156. New Digital 24hrs clock/date widget - FevvClock v1.00
  157. Please read before posting anything here
  158. Wifi widget (wlan widget)
  159. Missing Guide to Widget Creation & Answers to your Questions
  160. [TUTORIAL] How to change colour of phone number in the Telephone application
  161. Tutorial: How to personalize Operator logo
  162. Opera Mini Modded Icon
  163. Animated Gif for Startup/Shutdown
  164. Precision Theme !
  165. Symbian Foundation Theme
  166. Create your widget shortcut
  167. opera mini icon for the precision theme
  168. More OmniaHD themes
  169. i8910 HD specific icons and skin elements
  170. installed themes but the whole phone shuts down and stalled
  171. Tutorial: Change nearly every Icon that you want (completely on PC)
  172. MAR 08 12/24 HOUR 3d Sense UI Orange Sense, HTC Flip, widgets, clocks, SENSE Weather
  173. Gold Xpress II.i (Special Version made By Morkino On My Request)
  174. Free themes from have broken my phone!!!
  175. 2 really nice wallpapers
  176. Editing icons in S60 themes by Aquarius
  177. Nokia's themes compatibility - weird bugs
  178. Standard 'Yellow Daisey' wallpaper request
  179. 13 Extras Folder Icons in HD!
  180. Theme Crash - Phone start-up failed
  181. Music player colours????
  182. Fonts for FontRouter [Updated Daily]
  183. Animation/sound mod on start and shutdown
  184. My i8910 Wallpapers
  185. How Do U Delete Themes?
  186. Battery Status Widget App
  187. 3 Themes by Libertine * *DarkB DarkO, DarkR ** Fully Compat. with I8910!!!!
  188. Themes? You want Themes?
  189. Themes that kill(ed) your phone
  190. Simple Shortcut widget
  191. Theme Compatible with HD