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Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Modifications and Hacks

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  1. Top Bar modding ?
  2. Can i change the battery animation while charging? -while unit is turned off.
  3. Icon pack for Omnia HD? Working?
  4. Anyone got a "switchoff2reboot.rmp" patch ?
  5. Kinetic scrolling without cfw
  6. Orange Software Remove (Noob, Help!)
  7. patches for i8910
  8. continuous auto focus
  9. How to get my certificate? :/
  10. New Symbian Browser
  11. No more mobile versions with Opera
  12. How change key tones?
  13. Import HyperX V11 Camera settings for n204
  14. Importing C6 t9 dialer to Samsung Omnia HD
  15. Reclaimed 18MB from Swype
  16. User Agent ID (Phone ID)
  17. [Fix] How To Improve Batterylife
  18. Slide to Answer call- APP
  19. Resident programs to close on-off.
  20. SBsettings Help
  21. Finally, Install nokia packages without any worry! :)
  22. Mini Qwerty / Auto Rotate / 4 Row Keyboard
  23. remove sms popup
  24. Rompatcher
  25. How unblock screen in conversation
  26. i8910 @ 900 - 950 MHz
  27. [RomPatcher] [test] n-gageN97 for ALL s60v5
  28. C2Z Online generator by CODeRUS
  29. PreSettings for rom cooker :)
  30. omnia hd and ramdom ringringtone
  31. Omnia HD theme modding
  32. QT now on i8910 - thanks madhacker and faenil
  33. Change the Music Player theme in the ROM File
  34. [New] SWF Loader
  35. i8510 [INNOV8 Touch] JPEG Codec on i8910, read on.
  36. Reset Lifetimer on i8910 HD
  37. Remove "Phone locked. Press.."
  38. new battery saving idea
  39. Horizontal indicators
  40. [Tweak] How To Increase 3G Speed
  41. Nokia S60v5 say caller's name
  42. Request Camera MOD
  43. MUSIC player KS
  44. Backlight always on
  45. Orange Pro Pack By: Taylor ;-)
  46. Start apps at boot time
  47. It comes to an end......
  48. How resolve the BUG of the "Full QWERTY Keyboard" that have always the blacks keys
  49. New Homescreen ORANGE Tsunami THANKS GiannyDarko & Ummi
  50. Want 600mhz clocked processor? Here is how :)
  51. switch2reboot patch
  52. Keyboard switching mod
  53. Vodafone homescreen +
  54. Quick poll
  55. has anyone tried getting the quick search alphabet sidebar
  56. widget and app shortcuts
  57. PROJECT: importing CONTACT BAR on Omnia HD
  58. [request]Full-screen YouTube in browser
  59. Get less delay when opening big app-folders
  60. Change standart applications for file extensions
  61. touch screen and mouse controll
  62. Is there a way to remove 1 hour limit of sound recorder.
  63. Again on VOIP stack
  64. 3D Ringtones or Sounds Effects like nokia ?
  65. Can you get the volume to go fra 1-20 instead of 1-10?
  66. Animated Wallpaper by bukest
  67. TrackID App From Vivaz
  68. Wallpaper Slideshow
  69. AutoROTATE The Home Screen
  70. Speaker volume while on call
  71. Want to make media player quieter
  72. Rotate the i8910's Built-in Application by muveszur
  73. MOD: Remapping the QWERTY Layout for s60v5
  74. Custom boot with pandora
  75. MegaMods for a FASTER PHONE!!!!
  76. User agent
  77. Vivaz Conversation app in Messaging
  78. Is it possible to disable power saving mode
  79. KS in menu
  80. Localizing your SIS files
  81. Hot!Speed Effect"2" by joker2009
  82. Music Player Precision theme skininng patch
  83. Hyperx Rom
  84. Battery and antena display on lock screen
  85. TrackID from Sony Erricsson on i8910?
  86. Vivaz Conversation App
  87. Can't seem to hack....
  88. Subtitle spacing in video player
  89. New Dayhand Keyboards by 8axter!!
  90. Overclocking the I8910
  91. Touch Screen Vibration Mod level 1 intensity reduced to make it battery friendly
  92. Camera
  93. N900 overclocked I8910?
  94. Disable GPS shut-down in camera?
  95. Surprise!LASER Effect by Joker2009.. 03.04.2010
  96. Is there any way that we can have screensaver?
  97. Rotate browser to landscape even when the sensor is off!
  98. Panorama mode big picture ?
  99. Change System Cache Mod to increase overall Performance/RAM-(not the browser!)
  100. Cam MOD to Save RAM!
  101. [1st April joke] Finally, CPU at 900MHz
  102. New! Speed Effects by Joker2009 it's free...
  103. UI Acceleration Mod/Explained to make your phone faster !
  104. Increase Battery Life
  105. 3 files for bluetooth mod!
  106. Disable photocontacts?
  107. Default Call Recording Explained
  108. Modify Touchscreen Precision
  109. Dayhand %, arrows added + NEW LANGUAGES
  110. Move messaging from C:\ to E:\ or F:\
  111. disable search in contact window
  112. Microsoft use Samsung Player HD with Windows Phone 7 device
  113. another os in i8910
  114. Satio Effects?
  115. Dialpad on every home screen
  116. Pre-Autofocus on video-recording
  117. Turn on right rotation
  118. Video 24fps but not fluid in my PC?It's a renderer problem!
  119. Mod for screen rotation speed!
  120. 3 extra touch icons on homescreen!
  121. So, do yo really want fixed 24fps video recording?
  122. demount i8910 ! (Video)
  123. Any noobs guide to theme effects-building??
  124. The easiest and simplest way to hack your phone
  125. modifying the links in the "full" homescreen
  126. Kinetic Scrolling - lightning faster !
  127. LG Viewty
  128. 3D navigation in HX speed roms possible?
  129. Change unlock button timing.
  130. How to add language to rom
  131. Possible Mod for someone to try: 3 homescreens.
  132. Here is the N97 original music player file!! one for the custom cookers
  133. SPB Mobile Shell demoed for i8910!!! woooow
  134. Hide Application from Menu
  135. More free space on C:
  136. Where to get old theme? after install HX-FW
  137. Fevves: We're not allowing sales here.
  138. new sip stack
  139. Gui like iphone
  140. S60v5 Equalizer?
  141. How to modify the audio-video sync
  142. Woooww! Home Screen Lightning storm! Rain effect! watch & download!
  143. New2! Best Home screen effects series 2! watch youtube!
  144. Hyperx 2.0 Kastor effects on Hyperx 2.02
  145. New1! Best animation effects! snow is on the home screen! and more...
  146. REQUEST:WDR always on.
  147. how to change it?
  148. Exclude Folders from Gallery
  149. [HACK] How modify the Kinetic Scrolling
  150. My "Universal" Kastor Effects!! Link to Download:
  151. Camera_mod_i8910HD_Unsigned
  152. [Request] change the middle hardwarekey
  153. REQUEST: Hold down "0" for Opera Mobile
  154. REQUEST: Disable system keylock patch
  155. I want the best Firmware
  156. REQUEST: Change landscape alphanumeric keypad to qwerty
  157. Disable Contacts rotation when writing sms in landscape
  158. Kastor effects and IL5 firmware
  159. Newbie to Symbian with a few questions concerning hacking/modding
  160. Mini QWERTY ??
  161. Benifits of hacking?
  162. [OMNIA HD + FULL HACK] Sync 0.3 Lite (Kastor effects)
  163. Change default folders for Music player and MediaBrowser
  164. Rompatcher Plus - DisableCaps
  165. C2z
  166. animated wallpaper like Nexus One
  167. numbers appearing in kastor effect
  168. Nokia X6 home screen
  169. Menu buttons
  170. Apps/Hacks/Mods to improve A2DP/AVCRP for i8910?
  171. S60 not giving cert & key
  172. Finger Use
  173. Certificate Error after HelloOX2 v2.03
  174. Patch to improve the CAMERA
  175. Rom patcher+
  176. UA Profile and String -
  177. Reboot Button
  178. Installed Hello0x2 and Rompatcher+, apps install but wont run?
  179. Voice activated dialling
  180. Looking for a Hacking App?
  181. Get better GPS accuracy
  182. Any idea how to fix the proximty sensor?
  183. how to use animationplus????
  184. Autofocus on touch
  185. Stupid question - hacking
  186. i8910 Music Player patch?
  187. Key tones
  188. Is there a way to modify text color?
  189. omnia hd @833mhz?
  190. Rompatcher Files
  191. menu walpaper
  192. theft aware someone modify to work on i8910
  193. SMS Tone
  194. Change backround of Samsung apps??
  195. Images & videos gallery limiting
  196. Wrt applications
  197. [Request] Auto Sync between Phone and SIM Contacts
  198. VOiP packed .sis
  199. where is the opera 10 icon located?
  200. Anyone got a C2z Patch?
  201. Question regarding custom firmware
  202. Changing Music player on Satio Home Screen to LCG JukeBox?
  203. Hacked phone problem ...Help please.
  204. Improve Loudness On headphones when watching videos
  205. No more memory card in right top
  206. Reverse ovi store hack
  207. can i modify the messaging shortcut at the bottom of the homescreen?
  208. How to add new t9 language?
  209. Music player from SE Satio
  210. how to make my i8910 think its a 5800?
  211. Factory Default Secret Menu Values / Settings
  212. Homescreens from Hyperx latest firmware
  213. Please read these do something big
  214. Changing UserAgent with integrated App
  215. Extend T9 predic file from 31 KB in 512 KB
  216. Menu Background
  217. Cannot install .sis apps?
  218. is it possible to increase overall working speed 8910HD just like Iphone
  219. Increase audio quality in video recording
  220. Change cache and increase browser performance
  221. accelerometer calibration
  222. Hacking Hidden Audio Menu?
  223. How can I get Roadsync to store messages on E drive?
  224. where the default ringtones are located?
  225. Landscape Original Home Screen on i8910hd
  226. help with ovi store please
  227. Raise volume for bluetooth?
  228. Free up some memory (5MB) on C:
  229. Is there a way to disalbe the camera sounds?
  230. i8910 hd Z drive need....
  231. Quick stupid question...
  232. button symbols dissapear after hack
  233. Hacking Nokia headphone restrictions
  234. s60certkey, certificate but no key?
  235. Shake to activate speaker when in a call
  236. Confirmed hack - and signed apps
  237. How to disable fade-in of assigned mp3 ringtone
  238. Serious Real Player / Gallery problem ! Help someone !
  239. things i need to clarify before i start hacking.
  240. help displaying chinese charactors on I8910HD
  241. Big problem!!!please help!!!
  242. samsung i8910 original theme effects
  243. C2Z (Rompatcher)
  244. Disable 3D Task Manager ?
  245. Proximity sensor patch
  246. Could we potentially have Android/anyother OS on this phone?
  247. FW Downgrade Deceit, is it possible?
  248. Need help on removing Nokia handset check for app.
  249. can someone code a way of making the contact list horisontal when sending a text
  250. Certificates do not work