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  1. Buy (50Pieces) Apple iPhone Xs Max 64GB New (Website $14,950CAD
  2. Buy (5Pieces) Apple iPhone Xs Max 512GB (Website $5,745CAD
  3. Buy (10Pieces) MacBook Pro 13 (2019) New 2.4GHz 8th i5 Touch Bar 256GB $9,990CAD
  4. WHICH ROM ? ( Please help, urgent )
  5. request for leunpack utility i.e software.
  6. Request for symbian 3 firmware
  7. after install HX-V11-7_without_white_square my phone is not recognized
  8. best firmware
  9. HyperX v11
  10. Can't find anywhere hyperx firmware.
  11. Next best firmware after N2O5
  12. Looking for HX-V7-15 main release
  13. Help for choosing and install recommeneded custom firmware
  14. n205 is now released!
  15. How do I safely reset my device when I am using HX firmware please.
  16. A last chance for our OHD! (READ THIS :) )
  17. Help! Am I Bricked?? :(
  18. [Help] How to repack CFW to *EXE format??!
  19. To Scroll Or Not To Scroll... (Poll)
  20. I8910 FaLLeN Full
  21. Removing Nav3d from Firmware
  22. I8910 fallen en/ru/de
  23. HX V11 or N2o4??
  24. Omnia HD Pro Edition V7 Basic (Original feeling)
  25. DISCONTINUED - CODEC Dark Edition v3.2
  26. is there any cooked rom with Hebrew lenguage installed?
  27. Omnia HD Pro Edition V7 Speed
  28. Omnia HD Pro Edition V7
  29. Is there a tutorial for Samsung i8910HD Evolution?
  30. HyperX V11 bugs and user to user solutions if there are some...
  31. S^3 ROM ready to modding, help needed!!!
  32. The King CFW!
  33. Samsung i8910HD Evolution
  34. New rom cooker starting in November
  35. n2o4 source released by faenil!
  36. Flashing Firmware Problem
  37. n2o4 release by faenil
  38. Omnia HD Pro Edition V6 and Speed
  39. The challenge! HyperX VS Faenil's
  40. Please help, newbie here!
  41. Hx v4
  42. hx v8
  43. Is this even possible...?
  44. Custom firmwares as the future
  45. Omnia HD Pro Edition My Rom
  46. Wrong date on image/video files saved with cooked roms (HX-V7, N2O3,...)
  47. Omnia HD Pro Edition Insomnia
  48. HX - V7 is out !!!
  49. Omnia HD Pro Edition V5 (The End)
  50. Coping with all the goodness of cfw's
  51. ULTRA Dark cfw is out
  52. Samsung PC Studio
  53. HX V6 Speed Beta available
  54. CODEC Dark Edition v2 Released
  55. JD1 LS2.0 Finally Released!! Source Code!
  56. Romanian language on any ROM?
  57. Windows 7 CE on i8910
  58. [Utility] LeUnpack (unpacking cooked *.exe F/W's)
  59. Omnia HD Pro Edition V4
  60. Cookers need to Group Up
  61. Some Advices To cookers
  62. Update/What to expect
  63. HX-5-Turbo Mode (600 Mhz) is out
  64. HX-V5 is out!!!
  65. LOCKED, NO NEED TO--> Please read this
  66. CODEC Dark Edition v1
  67. i8910KNBS5 by bukest
  68. Omnia HD Pro Edition V3
  69. [OFFICIAL] Faenils n2o3
  70. flashed to n203
  71. n203 by faenil is Out.
  72. JD1 LS1.6 Rapid Battery Drain
  73. My resignation...........
  74. JC1-WS-04-EN by wireless
  75. How To: Install Rompatcher and Autoboot it
  76. LS 1.6>>Not getting alerts when new SMS is received!
  77. Phone not recognised in bootloader
  78. Shocking news, the truth (maybe) about jpeg codecs!!!
  79. Question to community regarding localization teamwork
  80. HX-V4-Main IS OUT
  81. HX-V4-Main Releases Today
  82. JD1 LS1 New Better Rom. Update LS1.6 Out Now!
  83. HX-V4 vs n2o2 . Which fw is better? Which have better photo quality? Discuss.
  84. Flashing modem help
  85. HX-V4 Beta is out for the public!
  86. List of custom firmware [under construction]
  87. Support our Cooks.
  88. Decided to take the plunge!!
  89. v3-29 vs. n202
  90. [Question]How to reset firmware configuration?
  91. UK Custom liamstears poll
  92. Moving to Symbian^3
  93. Faenils n2o2 vs LITv2
  95. [cfw] jc1-ws-01
  96. Omnia HD Pro Edition V1
  97. Custom JC1 firmvare with FMtransmitter..
  98. HX-V4-SPEED-SE is out
  99. Guide: What to do if lights go off during the flashing process!!
  100. Information about
  101. State of affairs/ whats going on?
  102. New UK Custom JD1, 24fps, fully hacked, Hungarian update!
  103. some info please
  104. Java
  105. Omnia HD running 62 apps
  106. requesting replacing music player
  107. small question
  108. Ok, I'm drowning.... Someone pull me out.
  109. Windows 7 and HX
  110. camera language
  111. UK JC1 Custom, fixed java, 24fps video, fully hacked.
  112. Found a way to get extra 5mb free on C!
  113. All you ever looked for as it comes to S60V5
  114. VoIP with builtin SIP client
  115. [April fool] Ported Symbian^3 Beta | Beta tester wanted!
  116. New to Custom Roms
  117. I8910 C1/C1 - Custom Firmware by Jasper, 4 flavours
  118. i8910ZXJC1/i8910TGYJC1
  119. [1st April joke] HyperX quits and is getting a N900
  120. From the creator of LITv2, let me introduce the new N2O NAKED ROM!! FAST AS HELL!!!
  121. Keeping contacts - Novice!!
  122. 60 hz vs 50 hz in the US
  123. Introducing the new LITv2 JC1 with perfect java, 24fps, full hack, and much more!!!
  124. HX V3-29 is out
  125. latest HyperX FW V3 :(
  126. i8910XEJB1 Minimal
  127. LITv1 by faenil
  128. First FW with 600mhz i8910ZXJC1/i8910TGYJC1 rom with JB2 rus
  129. new CF---based on i8910ZXJC1/i8910TGYJC1 rom with JB2 rus
  130. HX-V3-Speed
  131. I8910 CICI -Custom firmware, Sweden for Italy by Jasper
  132. HX-V3-17 Camera FW Is Inferior Comparing To HX 2.02
  133. HX V3-noisy audio-workaround
  134. Hx 3-17 audio test!!
  135. HX3 speed release coming, vote for theme and background
  136. HD_SCX_TURBO v.3 ENG- TR -- C:\106 Ram:160.T9English,Turkish,France,Germny,Russia
  137. Someone must know PLEASE help!
  138. Recording sound option in V3-17
  139. New blog about custom firmwares,
  140. 5mb on C:
  141. Hx-v3-17
  142. Language
  143. In the News: Samsung claims Samsung Windows Phone 7 Series handset a Microsoft hack
  144. HX-V3-16 is out
  145. new!!! two custom firmwares with 24fps HD video
  146. 24 FPS video Record SCX_NUKLEUS LANG. Adding 5 Languages. eng-fren-deutch-rus-tr c:80
  147. GTE Cyber Trust Global Root.cer is missing in HX2.11JB2
  148. HyperX featured on GSMarena
  149. Hacking, still confused, please help!
  150. HyperX's HX-V3
  151. Custom UK JB1, 24fps Video Recording - by mwarner
  152. [BREAKTHROUGH NEWS] New HyperX firmware in progress! Better sound and 24fps HD Rec!
  153. compare hxjc1 hxjb1 cameras, white light interference problem video.
  154. HX 2.11 (not the speed edition)
  155. Hx 2.1
  156. Rompatcher - Patch Problem with HX Speed 2.11
  157. !! Project: import the Nokia 5800 keyboard on Omnia HD
  158. my custom firmware......based on XEJB1 rom/JB2 rofs
  159. Which is the Best HX Firmware For Omnia HD?
  160. Worth updating firmware?
  161. Pre-hacked custom firmware
  162. 2 quick questions
  163. Touch screen sounds
  164. HX 2.1 Speed is out
  165. What to use to back up?
  166. Virtual box with Windows 7 64-bit
  167. Creating a Custom Firmware - Walkthrough
  169. Calling all Custom cookers,get the Satio Firmware right here.
  170. Turborom V3Z by Jined - released
  171. Custom UK JB1 - by mwarner
  172. Custom Russian JB1 Question
  173. symbian 3
  174. Is the recent update the 'BIG' update?
  175. I8910 Turborom V3
  176. I8910XXJB1 modified by wireless
  177. Hyperx new project Protox is out !!!
  178. sample for video recording HX 2.02
  179. HX 2.02 with International T9 Support is ready
  180. which version is best?
  181. I8910_turborom_V2
  182. [Help] A good cooked frimware in portuguese?
  183. Auto quit some applications
  184. HX 2.0 Final-Dutch localistation online
  185. Custom Firmware JA1 Euro-Russian by Rambo87
  186. HX2.0_FINAL is online!
  187. HX 2.0 Main release, it's here.
  188. [Utility] Autorom
  189. HX 2.0 (Full edition is running in beta as we speak)
  190. FW X6 by serws1s
  191. [Utility] ROFS/ROM Viewer (and Editor!)
  192. Just purchased i8910 2nd time
  193. Hyperx speed edition 2.0 is out!
  194. Flashed my i8910 with hyperx now just samsung logo not booting
  195. what means for rofs1-4 ?
  196. HX2.0 with Kinetich-Scroll upcoming
  197. kinetic scroll beta firmware video!
  198. OS gd/bad
  199. ROM cooking
  200. GPS and Roadsync problems on 1.42 Speed
  201. An Inconvenient Truth About i8910
  202. Vanilla r7 vs hyperx 1.76 k1
  203. hx1.42 v hx 1.5
  204. NEWS From SAMSUNG!
  205. Best camera firm???
  206. Speed edition 1.42 (out of beta testing)
  207. NOOBIE GUIDE, How to Flash HX 1.7 K4 on your Omnia HD i8910
  208. HyperX IS GOD!! :) :) :)
  209. New firmware idea
  210. Bugfixed: HX1.75_K1_Taiwan_based Online
  211. HX1.7 K1 Firmware Help!
  212. HX 1.7 K4 vs K1 - battle of 2 titans!!
  213. What about JBenchmark HD
  214. New kastor elegance 3 kastor efftcts
  215. HX1.7_K1_Taiwan_based *High Speed Direct Mirror*
  216. I8910_hx1.4_speed_k1
  217. HyperX New Firmware Added 1.76 Taiwan Based Fix
  218. HTC HD2 ROM in Omnia II
  219. Opera mini 5 beta 2 vs Opera mobile 10 beta 2 on k1 taiwan
  220. Remove from Startup
  221. Opera mini 5 on java fixed by samsung
  222. I would like to ask about how to modify the effect of the camera
  223. Android/LiMO/Maemo on i8910!
  224. MAEMO on i8910
  225. Cant install anything.
  226. Andoid can't not do HD video at all!
  227. no Kinetic scroll EVER?
  228. Which ROM for best video quality ??
  229. Best Rom???
  230. Nokia 5800 XM to recieve kinetic scrolling with firmware update 3.5.x or 40.x
  231. Samsung is going to stop producing Symbian devices!
  232. Korean Font Rom?
  233. SATIO,i8910hd C drive needed (extremely )
  234. Custom_i8910HX1.62_Italian_RU_II2_Fix_[bug_collecting_thread]
  235. Custom_i8910HX1.61_Chinese_[bug_collecting_thread]
  236. Extracting ROFS images from Symbian flashing tool's executables
  237. Question and favour for Master Chefs (of Rom Cooking)
  238. SOLVED! Need help! Nordic/scandinavien rom
  239. I8910_113_KO speed rom. Where has it come from ?
  240. How to flash with VMWare under MacOS X?
  241. Siscontents
  242. Custom_i8910HX1.62_Italian_RU_II2_Fix_8.11.2009 [MOVED]
  243. Custom_i8910HX1.61_Chinese_Kineticbrowser_9.11.200 9 [MOVED]
  244. Can anyone please tell me what firmwares support one finger zooming of images??
  245. LiMo on i8910
  246. Threaded SMS
  247. problem with language
  248. Which Custom Firmware? (and a few beginner questions.)
  249. Emulator for I8910 F/W (QEMU)
  250. Wheel Menu and Flick Scroll