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Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Tutorials

  1. dismantling the i8910
  2. Install applications without any external program
  3. How to restore your contacts without PC Studio
  4. Tutorial: Linking Notes to Memos and Appointments in your Calendar
  5. 7 steps to turn your noisy videos into an hd digital camera videos!
  6. 5 steps to have a new phone!
  7. How to get Facebook Communities Application working
  8. [Tutorial] How to change songs in Ferrari GT
  9. How to restore your bookmarks in opera mobile!!
  10. Kinda new backup project
  11. Remote Lock - lock your phone remotely
  12. Guide to run viritual OS on Vista/Windows 7 Home Premium!
  13. How to get perfect movies on i8910
  14. How to backup text messages/text directory?
  16. Guide to running XP Mode on Windows 7/Vista
  17. High pitched hiss on recorded video. FINAL EASY FIX!
  18. How to clean the lense
  19. How to flash Omnia HD in Windows Vista/7 without virtual machines (ROM Flash or PCS)
  20. Get organised to speed up folder browsing
  21. How to download from Ovi Store to computer
  22. How to stop refresh of media files
  23. How to get iplayer working on i8910 with wifi
  24. speed up the i8910
  25. ovi store
  26. How to import my .vcf contacts to the phone?
  27. Declaration of the firmware codes for Samsung
  28. Tutorial: Alarm OK on Silent Profile (YES!!)
  29. How to automatically add pictures to your contacts!
  30. How to use your Omnia HD like a Torch with the LED (without any app)
  31. Backing up & restoring user/custom dictionary
  32. Guide to the "Finger Use" home screen - it's more useful than you think!
  33. Sensor/accelerometer "motion settings" explained
  34. How to synchronize mail, contacts and calendar with Google
  35. organize folders on i8910
  36. Samsung i8910 (OmniaHD) Service Manual.
  37. make your own MBM files (start & shuthdown animations)
  38. installing zip files
  39. How 2 get rompatcher+ and C2Z4bin V.6 working
  40. HOW TO : Copy/Paste in ACTIVEFILE
  41. ?upgrading firmware using netbook/notebook
  42. How to install applications and wigets
  43. How to setup At&t Media Net???
  44. How to: Change key functions (multimedia keys!)
  46. Guide for Best BATTERY Performance
  47. High pitched hiss on recorded video, fix?
  48. Guide to flashing on Windows 7 using Virtual XP without needing a disk
  49. Tutorial: How to flash new firmware and debrand your Samsung i8910 Omnia HD
  50. How to improve the loudness of Mp4 / Divx movies and Audio playback.
  51. Tips for getting the most out of the i8910 HD's 8mp Camera
  52. Samsung i8910 HD Omnia Codes
  53. battery life