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General Discussion - Talk about anything non i8910 HD related!

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  2. Just FYI
  3. Its that time....
  4. I forgot to say goodbye
  5. battlefield 3 xbox 360
  6. Cheap Samsung L100 Charger Battery quality how?
  7. Galaxy s2 forum , please help
  8. Steve Jobs- A Legend passed away. RIP
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note
  10. Need help deciding what to buy HTC sensation or Samsung Galaxy s2
  11. The xiaomi phone
  12. Galaxy s2 vs sensation vs iphone 4
  13. The Smartphone Owner's Paradox [COMIC]
  14. A word of advice...
  15. Another one bites the dust.....
  16. thankyou, goodbye
  17. Change of ownership
  18. Samsung Galaxy S2 is better than Iphone 4g or not?
  19. new samsung phone
  20. HTC Sensation
  21. Nokia X7-00 Symbian Anna powered..
  22. Where to find i8910 gold edition?
  23. Samsung laptops with secret spyware
  24. Nokia+Microsoft= xxAndroidxx
  25. Can the N8 satisfied an i8910 user ?
  26. What do you think about the Nokia E7??
  27. Ipad 2
  28. So long and thanks for all the fish!
  29. Thank you my friends, i bid you all farewell.
  30. Samsung Galaxy S II
  31. N8 unlock.
  32. Death of a phone..and moving on
  33. TI OMAP 5 announced
  34. Google’s Android Ousts Nokia, Symbian From Smartphones Top Spot
  35. Hummingbird vs. Snapdragon vs. OMAP vs. Tegra 2: ARM Chips Explained
  36. Improve battery-life by using darker backgrounds and themes
  37. Samsung new Developer Site Launched
  38. Thank you!
  39. Nokia N9-The Best Nokia Up to date and Your Views
  40. Samsung Vibrant 4g.........................(more dots)
  41. Class Action lawsuit against Samsung
  42. Sony Xperia Arc
  43. Samsung Galaxy S successor
  44. Brand-new on here, I basically wanted to say hello
  45. CES! (New Phones)
  46. This thing is SEXY! meet the SE Xperia Arc
  47. How much would you like to sell your i8910?
  48. Happy New Year 2011
  49. Samsungs NEW Announcement for Symbian and the i8910!!
  50. Stewie :D The Squirrel
  51. My Next Phone: Sony Playstation Android Phone
  52. I'm new to all this
  53. Bye I8910HD
  54. So long and thanks.
  55. Dual Core is here....
  56. windows phone 7
  57. Samsung Omnia II i8000 and Freedom Universal Keyboard2
  58. New google Nexus S
  59. Viber...the Skype killer?
  60. Retina vs S-Amoled vs S-LCD
  61. New Acer Smartphone
  62. Samsung Wave II
  63. Had the i8910 for 2 years, time to move on ... suggestions
  64. Table for iPhone
  65. check out my new desktop
  66. Ya, Motorola Razr v3i
  67. Samsung's new flagship phone
  68. "Long Live Symbian"
  69. Is Samsung Galxy S worth this money and should I buy it?
  70. Nokia N8 hacked to run unsigned apps
  71. Samsung Galaxy S Continuum
  72. Samsung Galaxy S forum down
  73. Thanks for the have upgraded to Desire HD...
  74. HTC HD7 (W7Phone)
  75. Configure your own smartphone wtf/!!
  76. Coming to the end of my contract....
  77. Next iPhone leak
  78. The Galaxy S Tab? The Point?
  79. Wow. so much hate!
  80. VLC now available for the iPhone
  81. What will be the smartest smartphone OS by 2015?
  82. I cant find websites with Tesco unlock codes for Nokia N8 : /
  83. Question regarding in-ear headphones(SoundMagic PL21)
  84. Tnx to everyone
  85. Nokia brings Meego to N900 via OFFICAL software update!
  86. N8 Owns the Iphone 4 in video!
  87. From i8910 to i9000 (Omnia HD to Galaxy 2)
  88. N8 Worth it?
  89. Latest Cortex-A15 CPU... Read on.
  90. Need a personal phone! Desire HD?
  91. Laptop Help
  92. What funny/entertaining sites do you visit?
  93. A Fond Farewell
  94. Now this is the very best panoramic shot ever (not i8910)
  95. Looking for Homescreen/Radio equalizer
  96. Has Briggs a HTC HD2 Forum?
  97. HTC annouces new Desire HD and Desire Z
  98. Phone book Sync
  99. Dual Core!!
  100. Shoutbox / Chat
  101. Who pre-order the Nokia N8?
  102. Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab [ a tablet and a phone]
  103. faenil's site down?
  104. Offline GPS Nav. for HTC Desire with Froyo 2.2 ?
  105. Dell Streak for HD?
  106. Wish our phone did this!!
  107. Let the force be with you all
  108. Nokia N9? In December? WTF?
  109. Traveling abroad? get help here!
  110. svgb software regarding help plz
  111. An offer,need your advice
  112. Got an offer for a Samsung Galaxy S
  113. How to sort forum threads (don't know which forum to put this is?)
  114. What are you waiting for to switch i8910 for another phone?
  115. Replacement for Galaxy S: I9200 ETA 2011
  116. Wave users, urgent help!
  117. Win7 Mobile your first impressions?
  118. which football team are you holding at ?
  119. worst phone ever
  120. what should i do?
  121. Farewell Friends..
  122. hey guys, long time
  123. @ Xbox 360 owners...
  124. Smelly old mistake
  125. Some real time action! [drivers]
  126. Yet another goodbye...
  127. Suggestions to by a new phone!
  128. Android Phones
  129. Fevves should no longer be a mod
  130. What are you watching atm!
  131. A goodbye, a review of the iPhone 4, & i8910 vs iPhone 4 pics and video
  132. Windows mobile 7 shown AGAIN on i8910
  133. firmware development- open discussion on the forum
  134. Symbian 4...Here it goes...
  135. Have you seen this?
  136. Moto Droid X
  137. Leaving this forum, Good bye
  138. [Offtopic] isn´t this here a forum??
  139. iPhone 4 ad
  140. Next phone?
  141. divx registration help pls
  143. Multi-touch HOPES !
  144. S^3 pdk
  145. How many times you repaired your electronics (mechanic parts) in your gadgets?
  146. iphone vs htc evo
  147. Vote for me!! ;)
  148. And another nice add on to our staff team... Gerii is about to rule the house :D
  149. Samsung's Windows Phone 7 prototype slipping out to Imagine Cup finalists
  150. Can you help us flash the Satio?
  151. Nokia N8
  152. Amazing AMOLED & SuperAMOLED Videos!!!!
  153. Who wants the new opera
  154. Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9200) - The Monster
  155. iphone 4 antenna and samsung i8910....
  156. Is Over
  157. omnia hs ported to 5800xm
  158. Heads up re newest Firefox 3.6.6 (3.6.4 too)
  159. Got my iPhone 4 today and picture/video samples!
  160. AT&T contract up, which phone should i let them give me?
  161. New moderator is here, and it's WarCow! :D
  162. Forum Related Question - Thread Sort Direction
  163. Nokia admits symbian sucks.
  164. a laugh at steve jobs
  165. Nokia N8 Camera Nightshot Samples - Impressive!!!
  166. a glance back into 2004
  167. suggestions for a good DSLR?
  168. iPhone 4's Camera Capabilities Evaluated
  169. Windows Phone 7 on I8910
  170. Samsung Galaxy S Hacked
  171. Nokia adopts Meego for flagship series, Symbian for lower end devices
  172. i-mobile tv658 digitizer
  173. Missing: One Omnia HD
  174. Droid X promises 720p screen resolution
  175. HTC Evo 4G 720p recording?
  176. Samsung Electronics heiress busted with 230kg marijuana in luggage
  177. Introduction
  178. New Samsung Wave 2 rumored to be announced today
  179. Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  180. 2GHz smartphone from moto but what way should i go
  181. i might just hold out
  182. Dell Streak - opinions?
  183. World Cup 2010
  184. Questions regarding rapid temperature changes and touchscreen phones
  185. nexus one for sale on ebay
  186. Bada OS
  187. Steve Jobs announces iphone 4
  188. Motorola Milestone XT720
  189. HTC Evo
  190. Multi touch on oHD
  191. Symbian^2 is not dead...
  192. Forum logs me out?
  193. Android 2.1 on Omnia II
  194. Windows 7 Phone on i8910???
  195. Samsung Behold II Users Threatening Lawsuit due to false promises from Samsung
  196. INTERVIEW - First phone with new Symbian due from Asian vendor
  197. Coffee machine - fully automatic
  198. Help...
  199. Benchmark: Nokia N8 is faster Samsung i8910 HD and Nokia N97
  200. Which is better o/s?
  201. Samsung i8920 HD2
  202. HTC Sprint/evo
  203. FAQs
  204. Check this out. The Japs did it again! Serious camera-phones!
  205. Sharp develops 3D video camera module
  206. Who is great...
  207. Help me selecting WLrouter...
  208. A bit quiet in here...
  209. Samsung is driving me Mad
  210. Thinking about chaning my phone. What choices do i have ?
  211. Android OS Lego machine solves Rubik's Cube
  212. this forum
  213. Bada SDK out!!
  214. lets play help sora pick a new computer! ;)
  215. Softwares to make gif from png files?
  216. Samsung Bada 12MP Phone
  217. Why not so many apps for Symbian
  218. n8 price and specs revealed
  219. NOKIA N8 and Your views..
  220. help with sim lock plz
  221. new iphone specs are out, pictures as well
  222. N97 Homescreen on 5800, can't be too long now for us
  223. Android running on iPhone!
  224. Samsung i8520
  225. I8910 follow-up in the works?
  226. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
  227. Htc evo 4g
  228. The New iPhone 2010
  229. NEW Nokia 5800 v50.0.005 firmware
  230. lg cookie custom firmware
  231. Super AMOLED>>AMOLED>TFT LCD. How true?
  232. Always read the T's and C's!
  233. my phone has been robbed
  234. Can You Belive This ??????
  235. Nokia disappoints yet again with cheaper respins of existing devices
  236. normal tv turned to 3d
  237. Thinking about getting a HTC Desire
  238. Isn't HD (720P) video playback on a cell phone meaningless?
  239. so whats Samsungs 2010 flagship?
  240. can someone explain this paragraph to me?
  241. Windows 3.11 (or 95?!) running on a 5800
  242. What are you listening atm?
  243. Samsungs new lineup - Wave vs Beam vs Galaxy
  244. need cooked roms for 5800
  245. This is crazy!! A phone that seperates into different pieces
  246. Seriously there only few reasons why I love my i8910...
  247. samsungtoolbar help
  248. Standard for camera-phone image quality to come soon
  249. Htc evo 4g
  250. good bye samsung