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Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Problems & Help

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  46. Qt Mobility 1.02 or newer required.
  47. lower speaker is not working due to missettings.
  48. [need help ;-)] cannot use quickoffice pro 6.0 /symbian s60v5 anymore
  49. i8910 dead, how to fix???
  50. Looking for a wallpaper, please help
  51. Phone freezing during and after startup
  52. limited service after hard phone reboot
  53. Blank screen
  54. phone freezes before start
  55. swf not working
  56. I want to buy this phone, what should i look out for?
  57. Software updater not working
  58. i8910 battery problem
  59. Wifi problem
  60. Viber on Samsung i8910 OmniaHD
  61. shutdown
  62. Mass memory problem
  63. Suddenly phone is dead
  64. Accessories Selection Message
  65. Micro USB port on phone doesn't work
  66. Unknown folders in messaging
  67. Cant make or receive calls
  68. Flash Omnia i8910
  69. How can I temporarily semi brick my phone?
  70. i8910 hd help
  71. sim memory full
  72. Samsung i8910HD, bluetooth error
  73. No signal receiving
  74. Eingabe der SMS-Zentralnummer
  75. no data connection :( (no 3g access point)
  76. Keytone and Vibrations stops working!
  77. Cracked glass
  78. Phone Doesn't Recognise Power/Computer Charger
  79. Music files wont show when transferd from PC
  80. "Sending text message"
  81. omnia hd firmware udate error
  82. Contact names suddenly not showing
  83. Unable to send message:
  84. video recording-no sound
  85. Omnia HD black screen / no backlight
  86. Camera problem
  87. Need THE VALUES OF UMTS RF NV for 2009 Aug 8
  88. 123 diverted to talking clock - virus?
  89. Problems installing software off ovi store
  90. is there another way to get the messages? cant connect the phone with my pc
  91. how to backup all i8910 files
  92. unable to install problem
  93. Home screen no widgets
  94. Problem with Messages on E:
  95. i8910 earpiece sound
  96. Camera and lock button starting dialler
  97. Hear Caller
  98. Wifi Problem
  99. Hard-starting
  100. Texts not showing at all - help?
  101. HX-V11 FW question
  102. i8910 (n2o5) Can't turn on!
  103. samsung i8910 bricked not working ROM
  104. mp4 video profile for i8910
  105. Loss Haptic Feedback and Sound
  106. Key and cer for symbian
  107. Touch screen malfunction hot to get files from internal card
  108. Camera takes blurry pictures.
  109. Bad Bluetooth signal.
  110. oHD to NoHD
  111. From Orange to O2
  112. Samsung I8910 HD Sound problem
  113. Losing access to in-call functions during calls
  114. Software Updater Error
  115. Packet data connection unavailable/ orange world uknown request
  116. Red light in light sensor!
  117. Phone Wont Connect To any Network After Hard Reset.
  118. built in browser problem
  119. Touch screen problem. Please help
  120. Samsung i8910 Internal Memory not detected?
  121. I need help trying to reset the lock code back to eight zeros!!!
  122. problem after flashing
  123. Connecting with Windows 7
  124. empty battery tone fix
  125. help, looking for fw with longest possible video record time,
  126. firmware/software problems
  127. 'hardware failure restart camera'
  128. omnia hd modem corrupted
  129. I8910 Got Wet
  130. Calibrate touch screen
  131. Help me to change the firmware
  132. Usb mode always on
  133. Issue With Phone Memory : Other Files - 28 MB
  134. Please someone HELP... My Battery drain very fast
  135. help me please:!!! bana yardım edin
  136. Original Orange ROM
  137. Apps not installing HX Custom Firmware not Cert issue
  138. Debranding with Windows 7
  139. Flashing Original Firmware
  140. Sudden change - battery drain, freezing slowing down
  141. Help My Battery drain fast
  142. Does flashing with HX take away some options for video.
  143. I8910 video files have no sound
  144. C Drive Expansion Woes
  145. I8910 won't charge
  146. Interesting one, touch screen working fine, no keyboard ??
  147. regarding 720p videos of youtube..
  148. apps problem
  149. gsm issue, please help!
  150. Deleted lock screen issue
  151. Bluetooth Speed
  152. Samsung
  153. Display unlock problem
  154. New i8910 User with a little Problem with Facebook
  155. i8910 HD Issues with text messages
  156. Please help with gsm (2g.?)...
  157. Audio/Sound Problem
  158. I8910 HD makes me Crazy HELPPPP !!!!
  159. Message volume
  160. Pic/Vid files corrupted
  161. Samsung i1890 - should I keep
  162. USB device Not recognized Error!!
  163. Entering text in Java app with control keys
  164. PC Suite UNINSTALL
  165. 2nd fall - finally dead
  166. skype not working
  167. BaTtErY (why some ppl get 2 days and some 7hrs battery)
  168. My set has gone very slow
  169. Strange network problem,msg problem
  170. Theme problem
  171. Regarding basic HS
  172. Pictures in Opera look ****
  173. How to show Numbers in Contact List
  174. Blank Screen not in standby!
  175. Ovi Store and apps install on i8910
  176. Is there a checksum for files?
  177. anywhere that will fix a broken i8910?
  178. Email Send Screen
  179. lock code help
  180. Keyboard Innacuracy.
  181. video size
  182. ovi store update again... not working on i8910
  183. How do I download to Mass Storage....Aargh!
  184. Phone microphone doesn't work any more - urgent
  185. Landscape mod problem
  186. Text messages will not display contact name
  187. Camera button problem I guess!
  188. xplore problem
  189. Doesn't work widgets on i8910, where could be problem ?
  190. Problem with speaker
  191. How hack I8910HXV7 blackpearl?
  192. Music Files. What is going on?
  193. How to make room on C:?
  194. Phone restarting on Samsung Logo after Bluespectrum Flash
  195. i8910 in So Cal, unable to get internet working.
  196. Not able to set Access point.
  197. Urgent Help needed from *#228#!!
  198. Problem with Camera ,, Please help !!
  199. What to do if phone is stuck in Samsung Screen when rebooting
  200. touch screen is not responding
  201. "File Corrupted"
  202. Problem with microphon
  203. Slow browser
  204. Memory Slowly Depleting
  205. Photos problem
  206. Phone problems
  207. Bad Reception
  208. Connecting to tv
  209. New Digitizer not working after replacement, Help.
  210. Broken thumbnails in gallery
  211. touch screen doens't work
  212. Black screen when calling!
  213. Which programme For PC to phone
  214. Uninstall not working
  215. Can't uninstall pc suite in windows 7 or repair previous version
  216. Continue using phone in offline mode
  217. keypad not appearing when writing text
  218. Touchscreen problem 4-5-6
  219. Phone keeps hanging up on people?
  220. Problem with transferring video
  221. Pictures unremovable
  222. Phone automatically deletes mailbox and messages
  223. can some please give me ur gsm rf nv settings
  224. phone can't power on
  225. gsm1800 not working
  226. media player disconnects calls.
  227. Call logs
  228. 1800 mhz no service problem
  229. Application Menu Blank!
  230. How to get rid of the 3G icon
  231. Phone keeps restarting occasionally
  232. Kindly! Any one for help?
  233. Problems with SlideIT
  234. Internal memory, not detected ?
  235. pc sync doesn't work with outlook 2010 x64
  236. Text Messages don't show contact name
  237. How to delete wallpapers embedded in firmware?
  238. Help please before i take a hammer to my i8910
  239. i-SMS usage in i8910
  240. A bit of help needed with 3g data
  241. Turned off phone and now earpiece is dead??
  242. Can't view gallery anymore
  243. Text messages
  244. In need of Anti-Bug app for i8910...
  245. my phone memory can't found on computer
  246. help with cleaning phone
  247. Limited service cant send texts or make calls
  248. Phone doesn't recognize pc
  249. WLAN with proxy authentication (username, password)
  250. Disable flip-mute of alarms?