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Samsung i8910 Omnia HD User Photos and Video

  1. nice pic i took today
  2. The Spectrum
  3. My Symbian camera phone 4-way shootout
  4. Some photos of me :)
  5. Istanbul + i8910 = :O
  6. A nice picture I took today with my OMNIA HD
  7. first HD recording on my fone + pics
  8. First time, so take a look at my old shoe - FIXED
  9. Ibiza
  10. Cats in Love...
  11. Image averaging to reduce noise :)
  12. Two of the best macros I have taken using my I8910
  13. Macro Flowers from Summer Scotland:)
  14. Asia's largest tulip garden
  15. random pics by me....
  16. Opel Astra+i8910+Photoshop = awesome
  17. Airplane landing
  18. Photo tips...
  19. Video Help
  20. My First Pano attempt!
  21. 1 nice video
  22. recent Slow motion videos of mine
  23. panoramics from Izmir / TURKEY
  24. Standard Video Clips (helicopter, car, etc)
  25. My high-school graduation night!
  26. Unbelievable fluidity of video camera in the background of the menu setting
  27. Better pictures in faenil fw...
  28. I just love i8910's photo editor :)
  29. Amazing sound of a Lamborghini Gallardo
  30. Gardaland :)
  31. two videos with litv2
  32. Omnia HD camera
  33. Video of Time Warp Mannheim with Hyperx V3
  34. Cars in Berlin City
  35. Mini tutorial on how to get the best out of the i8910 camera
  36. New BBcode for YouTube videos - Insert i8910 videos into your posts!
  37. Concert footage with HyperX's new firmware.
  38. HyperX's HX-V3 video sample and photo samples
  39. Taking evening pics with the Omnia HD
  40. close
  41. Monster Jam 2010 @ Oakland Coliseum
  42. rmvb - Unable to play media clip!
  43. A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
  44. Low Light
  45. My slow motion videos! Amazing!
  46. Short indoor video of my dog
  47. some i8910 Pics
  48. the new photo taken with i8910 (new)
  49. Swimming at the beach
  50. Sample video's (720p) HX2.02 Dutch
  51. i8910 vs Winter Clouds ( 3G/56k warning!!! )
  52. nice i8190 pics
  53. some of Vd files shooted by I8910
  54. so i took my i8910 up a mountain
  55. Exposure meter settings
  56. My Gold
  57. Which aspect ratio do you prefer?
  58. A ride on my dad's model train
  59. picture with II2
  60. Night and day with camera messing about
  61. Some pics and videos from Jammu & Kashmir
  62. Seagulls in SloMo
  63. My Pictures
  64. Indoor shots focusing
  65. Microphone sensitivity problem
  66. Christmas video's with XH1.71 (day and night)
  67. Camera Test HX1.71 FW ADDED VIDEO
  68. Ringtones for Omnia HD
  69. Night video's in 720P
  70. From Argentina to the World.
  71. Panoramic shots from Princess Islands (Istanbul)
  72. Wallpaper
  73. Lots of Picrures
  74. printing photos wifi
  75. Walk along the coast this afternoon.
  76. i8910 meets world's cheapest microscope
  77. hd video's
  78. Night driving video
  79. Sample Video
  80. Live street music performance in Istanbul - Video
  81. where i get Helicopter HD movie and install on i8910 O HD
  82. Yas Marina Circuit on Friday.
  83. WDR Camera option not available?!
  84. Photos with telescope
  85. Couple of Macro Shots
  86. Pics taken at the beach
  87. Testing different scene-modes
  88. Some Macro Shots + My cat xD
  89. MACRO Limitations: i8190 vs Canon 85IS
  90. My Laserpointer (i8910 Video)
  91. Samsung i8910 Video Out
  92. Have you recogniced how the camera add colours +test pics
  93. Some i8910 photos + saturation
  94. Two videos from the sky
  95. Phew photos from the air and ground
  96. Best Settings for Videorecord and Sound
  97. pics on the beach
  98. putting video in the phone
  99. How Do I install codec?
  100. Night 720p Video
  101. I8910 HD / Omnia HD video makes it into a music video!
  102. Geotagging and I8910 Viewing!
  103. Uploaded a new night video...
  104. Perverts on the road... Pedobear + balls
  105. Exposure Metering Modes
  106. Luna Park Sydney - Night Shot
  107. My pictures taken at Defqon 1 in australia
  108. Forced Macro Video : Spider vs Crane Fly
  109. Another video from IH2 Firmware.. New Audi S4 launch
  110. Mic gain 24db vs. 12db comparison
  111. Another awful sound quality with AAC codec
  112. Photo and video samples of firmware I8910XXII1
  113. Has anyone seen this??
  114. Video sample: HK IG4 vs Custom sev7en
  115. Photo's from rome (on the new firmware)
  116. SlowMotion Video from Youtube
  117. No Sound On Video played back on PC
  118. Which phone better in indoor shoots?
  119. Hot chicks!!!
  120. Airplane taking off video shot with my Omnia HD
  121. All the fun of the fair.
  122. Water balloons @ 120fps
  123. [IG2] Audio x Image
  124. Great Sunset Image
  125. Just some Panorama and Video
  126. Video from omnia hd with russian firmware
  127. 8mp or 6mp?
  128. muse gig in teignmouth video... IG4
  129. Nokia N95's camera is better than the i8910
  130. Videos taken at Nickelback concert (IG2 fw)
  131. breathtaking sunset shots at the beach.
  132. 3 Video's taken in the evening IH1
  133. Stunning outdoor shots
  134. Hiking this weekend.
  135. Samsung i8910 Omnia HD I8910TGYIH1 video sample
  136. Audio and video synching issues
  137. Camera blur....
  138. Doubts on the Omnia HDs camera, look what I caught mid flight.
  139. Great i8910HD pic
  140. Some comparison with a PnS Sony Digital Camera
  141. Timer?
  142. Images seem squashed?
  143. Night spear fishing- Video by Omnia HD
  144. Music videos for omnia hd
  145. 1280X720p Video playback
  146. broken pictures. cannot delete?
  147. HD trailers, movies, etc...
  148. First Video
  149. Better D1 video on UltraTouch (?!)
  150. Short 6 sec 720p video sample
  151. HD Video Samples
  152. Do you want these?
  153. Omnia HD Photo Blog
  154. Night videos on the sea
  155. Any samples of indoor shots?
  156. what DPI are people pics?
  157. Photos from my omnia
  158. Some i8910 pictures and a HD video
  159. Comparison shots with Whitebalance settings
  160. macro mode is amazing
  161. Lip sync
  162. Video Macro
  163. I8910XXIG2 720p video sample: Bus passing at 70+ Kmp/h
  164. I8910XXIG2 720p video sample: Airbus A340 taking off
  165. Photos with my new Omnia HD :)
  166. Macro video ! :D
  167. IG3 Video and Audio test on a rollercoaster
  168. Nice macro I took - read the writing lol
  169. My Slow Mo Slap Video :)
  170. Nice pic of distant helicopter
  171. amazing shot of a fly in macro mode ...
  172. new pictures taken on omnia hd
  173. thunderstorm
  174. Crosby beach & sculptures
  175. Pixar For the Birds short video
  176. just testing it out in a sunny day
  177. Video play back not smooth?
  178. Slo-mo video
  179. Video editing...
  180. My First HD video
  181. Some pictures of cars at the Pannonia racing track in hungary
  182. Encoding from Linux
  183. video tester of i8910 hd
  184. Slow Motion Skateboarding
  185. Photos of a lovely cat
  186. xbox 360
  187. I think there is somthing wrong with my camera
  188. Really impressive camera
  189. HD video footage shot by i8910
  190. YouTube HD Camera Trick Challenge