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Old 07-28-2009, 02:20 PM
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Default Migrating from Windows Mobile 5 to i8910

I just found this forum - of course looking around because I've been having problems... So I htought I would share some of my experiences and perhaps get some answers:

The short summary of my experience is that the hardware is fantastic, the best phone i've ever owned by a a large margin, the software is beautiful but buggy and the PC connectivity is just plain rubbish.

It started when I tried to install the PC suite on my home computer (Windows XP 64 bit). It refused to install, claiming that a previous version was already installed. NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE! Luckily I correctly assumed that it was complaining about Microsoft ActiveSync which I was using with my previous phone, so I deinstalled that, installed the samsung software and then reinstalled activesync. So far so crap.

Then I went to put some of my songs on the beast. I use MP3s, have done for 15 years, one of the reasons an Iphone does not appeal. I was prompted to "optimise these for mobile" by PC Studio, which converted them to some bizarre format which lost the album art and just about all the other embedded information. Instead I put my MP3s directly on a Micro-SD and voila - a fantastic media player with album art and search by album, artist categories etc. Its breathtakingly wonderful, especially in landscape mode.

The camera is great, certainly compared with my old Mio A701, which was all but unusable (to take pictues with). I put it into 2Mpixel mode as I dont intend to print them and any more is just a waste of storage space. The Macro function works well - it can focus down to a few cm. The video capture is similar, though why it defaults to putting Videos into the main memory I cannot understand. In summary, its not an SLR but as a camera you will always have in your pocket its perfect!

Talking of defaults - they are all screwey and hard to find. For instance the web browser defaults to WAP and not "ask first". Surely there should be a priority - use USB if possible, Wifi next, then bluetooth and if all else fails use the expensive WAP thing. It took me until today to find the option to get the browser to ask which connection to use. I'm sure I saw some video to say that you can browse using a donor PC and the USB cable but the option never came up? Another exammple: In WM5 I could assign each alarm tone with a unique sound - this I cannot do on the I8910, but why?

Bluetooth - why is it always such a waste of space? Its Bluetooth that led me to this forum. I thought great, I will enable it on my work laptop (HP with Windows Vista Pro) so I can connect seamlessly. I enabled bluetooth, found the device and paired them, and then windows wanted to install a device driver. Was it on Samsung's disk - not a chance. This then led to the most frustrating hour so far. I thought maybe I did something wrong so I tried to get PC studio to connect over bluetooth. I then kept getting this annoying message from windows saying an application was trying to open a window. I clicked to find out what it was and it was the Samsung software saying it did not recognise its own device. I clicked on ok only to have the same drama again a minute later, and again and again until I eventually disabled the Bluetooth in dispair.

This led me onto my next problem. I noticed that the PC suite was not quite the latest so I downloaded a new version and tried to install it. About half way through it threw up an error to say there was a previous version installed and I should unistall it - que? Deja Vue ??? Ok, so I went to Add/Remove Programs and hit the deinstall button for the PC suite and it ..... tried to reinstall the old version, throwing the same error. I went to the start menu and clicked the uninstall icon and it ..... tried to reinstall the old version again, throwing the same error. So my work PC now has this Malware called PC suite that refuses to deinstall.

Just to bring back some balance - the phone is fantastic, the hardware particularly so. The versa-jack feature on the headphone jack is just awesome. Plug in the suppled headpones and it works. Plug in an off the shelf 3.5mm stereo phono plug lead and it works. Plug in a video lead (tripple phono) form my Philips DVD player and I can watch video on my TV - no software configuration necessary - just brilliant!

I've not tried the GPS yet. My old phone had TomTom on it but they did their best to alienate me as a paying customer so I'm not worried that its not available. I read some comments on the forum here but I'll wait a little before spending hard cash.

Windows Mobile had one great feature and that was seamless compatibility with Windows. I was worried about switching to a Symbian based phone for this reason. In particular I wanted to keep my contacts in categories as I do on my PCs. This of course is not supported in Symbian, though I do love the modes thing where I can take calls from only certain people in my address book. I'm going to have to configure it all by hand but that may be worth it. On Balance the Symbian OS has its own strengths and I'm sure once I get used to it it will be fine. There's no way I will be going back to my old phone now. I do hope that Samsung manages to sort out the PC side of things as that would take away the only niggles.

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Old 07-28-2009, 04:02 PM
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Default Re: Migrating from Windows Mobile 5 to i8910

Welcome aboard!!
Ive not been around here for long but trust me when i say that if you need any help or have problems of any kind then you are sure to find the answers here! Everybody is very friendly and eager to help.

Regarding your pc suite errors i had a similar problem and found that it was conflicting with nokia's pc suite as they are essentially the same! If you have nokia stuff on your computer this could be a potential reason.

Hope you get your answer!!
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Old 11-11-2009, 02:06 PM
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Well you have summed up my feelings in a nutshell.
Yesterday i got the new samsung i eightynine....(you know what i mean).
I also have migrated from WM5 to symbian and atpresent fighting with PC suite as i have previously installed nokia pc suite.
Hope samsung will rectify this otherwise they will lose potential buyers.
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Old 11-11-2009, 03:32 PM
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Hey there...

First, do not transfer media using PC Studio.
It's lame...it will ask you to transcode your files.
There is no need for this.

When you connect the phone to the computer, put it in "Mass Storage Mode" (it will ask you) and then just drag and drop with windows explorer. This way you never have to take the microsd card out of the phone.

As for problems with this and activesync, I have had none.
I connect both my HTC Touch Cruise and my i8910 at the same time...no problems at all.

Bluetooth driver? That should have been provided with the latest pc studio.
Something tells me you have the wrong or old version of PC studio.
Everything should be automatic and seemless, for the most part.

Symbians alarm system is retarded, I agree...same thing with the connection manager, with their "Destinations" thing...again, retarded. WM clearly wins in this category...however, it is nice sometimes to be able to tell apps to use a specific connection.

For GPS, I use google maps, ndrive, and nokia (ovi) maps.
Google has their turn by turn with speech recognition product for free on android now and hopefully (hopefully!!) it will be out on symbian soon...but you never know, they could hoard it to get people to use android.
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