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  1. Looking for a wallpaper, please help
  2. how to do shortcut
  3. need help to get app
  4. edit sis files
  5. bad gateway reply
  6. Fring version compatible with Samsung I8910 HD mobile phone needed
  7. Omnia HD hangs up calls.
  8. is this possible for omniahd?
  9. Finally retiring old faithful.
  10. How do I Join the Galaxy 2S forum??
  11. Back to the i8910 for a few days
  12. I need some Help
  13. Please, help me with n2o5
  14. Proplem in My Mobile
  15. easy way to get cotacts out?
  16. Why until now NO video 720@30fps for Omnia HD ?????
  17. qr codes
  18. Going to the 2nd Galaxy!
  19. advice please
  20. Thank You and Farewell!
  21. Any Camera Comparision for i8510 VS i8910
  22. Nokia Ovi Suite works
  23. Symbian is open source again... Any benefits for i8910 users?
  24. Thank you all!!!
  25. upgrade I8910!!!!
  26. Where should I start?
  27. Farewell Omnia
  28. thai language
  29. Question and advice - please
  30. The day bjb0019 stood still... (water damage)
  31. New user - hello
  32. Samsung warranty repairs.
  33. Having a hard time selling your i8910?
  34. 3g
  35. Regarding android on i8910
  36. 3.5G connection on AT&T in USA!
  37. WP7 theme? - No big update :p
  38. Symbian open source? Just kidding.
  39. i8910 battery to the first person to reply
  40. Tmobile Wifi Calling?
  41. Apple Mac OS X and Omnia HD(i8910) - it works
  42. Hyper X's site
  43. Make i8910 opensource
  44. Camera ISO numbers
  45. Camera focal length
  46. can we get Samsung to release drivers, now that they ended Symbian support?
  47. Samsung Mobile Innovator Symbian Suport Discontinued
  48. Mistake
  49. Amazing version of our omnia hd strange case....hdmi VIDEO EDITOR !???
  50. samsung i8910hd and the trades description act
  51. do i need these files
  52. Ranting about Apps..
  53. New search-engine for the forum!
  54. i8910 working with android?
  55. Need a hard drive
  56. hi ppl just had a new i8910
  57. Folders in Music and Images?
  58. I8910 as W-LAN Stick via USB
  59. battery disconnected!
  60. Communities application not on phone
  61. what the best stuff i should i have on my i8910
  62. Skype attack, last chance!!!
  63. Backup copy extension?
  64. Just got the Omnia HD
  65. Symbian^3 on i8910?
  66. Fixed i8910 music player on the way
  67. hxv7 qt edition or faenils qt which one works better
  68. increase the wireless signal strength
  69. Just wanted to say thanks
  70. Your i8910 OHD Conclusions!
  71. Why to Install apps/games on c or the mass memory! speed - battery?
  72. Dlna
  73. Samsung Omnia HD or Nokia N900
  74. Orange World: No gateway reply
  75. starting from scratch
  76. No more skype on Fring
  77. Flash drive to mini USB?
  78. How to silence the "camera shutter" when taking a picture ?
  79. New User - Random Question.
  80. omnia hd:16khz??!no,are 32!!!!
  81. Streaming music through bluetooth car kit
  82. answer to questions!
  83. how to get '24fps' while using official firmware?
  84. Using the omnia hd as a television
  85. Anyone who doesnt have a i8910 that wants one???
  86. need help
  87. Insult to Injury -
  88. Anyone has oHD? [HDMI related]
  89. Is this true ?
  90. C Private
  91. OS
  92. Samsung i8910 vs HTC Desire camera comparison
  93. Iphone vs i8910?
  94. why dont we ask for an android firmware for our phone?
  95. Another one to the slaughter!
  96. whats that app that..
  97. is there a place to mail in the Omnia HD to get it repaired?
  98. receving files via bluethooth
  99. tvcatchup, default browser/real player
  100. file manager
  101. Bluetooth A2DP audio
  102. Need help choosing phone!
  103. firmware & hacking
  104. Issue with new Samsung Omnia HD
  105. MP4 Audio!!
  106. VERY Important Poll
  107. s60 compatability
  108. Anyone recently tried cancelling their contract with Orange
  109. The New iPhone and Why I’m Hanging On To the Samsung i8910 - by Anphase
  110. symbian^3 on omnia HD
  111. Smashed Screen. ARGGGHHHHH!!!! (Pics)
  112. im sad america is finally catching up
  113. Whats the best speakers to use with the i8910
  114. new to omnia smart phones need info!
  115. White HD!
  116. Usb otg
  117. HTC Desire Envy
  118. How well the I8910HD can work
  119. Jumped ship gone Android
  120. Explaining "turboHD" and PPM-controll
  121. OC the GPU
  122. Windows 7 On I8910 VIDEO REAL
  123. Videoplayer
  124. Latest Updates Application and games for Omnia
  125. Not Happy!!!
  126. FM transmitter in i8910
  127. 'TurboHD' discussion and debate...
  128. what wifi output does our phone give?
  129. Omnia HD2 leaked!!
  130. Substantial upgrade for Samsung i8910
  131. REQUEST: NoiseSuppressor
  132. Just bought i8910
  133. samsung done
  134. AMOLED screen power consumption
  135. Built in web browser
  136. file sharing
  137. Getting a network abroad - help
  138. i8910 infrared?
  139. We need a better backup solution
  140. Combining handy taskman and 3D task switcher?
  141. Its about time
  142. Applications for i8910HD
  143. Why this happen when shoting night videos?
  144. Best Video Convertor for Mac?
  145. working facebook app???
  146. Differents between web and wap
  147. Flash Lite 4 & Flash player 10 mobile
  148. I love my i8910
  149. Factory reset lock codes
  150. Omnia HD's touchscreen = hoverscreen?
  151. Anyone Knows how to create a Simple File Shortcut
  152. Wave is out
  153. The best convertion tool!
  154. Removing Unwanted files
  155. Samsung i8910 vs SE X10
  156. Display company name on incoming calls
  157. Fun Game: F/W n Thanks
  158. Facebook Group
  159. The power of AMOLED - Demo videos
  160. Pin Number
  161. games : chess,bubble,minesweeper
  162. chess game for omnia
  163. Why do the java games on my i8910 doesn´t have any sound??
  164. T-Mobile MMS Setting? (define connection)
  165. Frustrated with text message settings
  166. HyperX's Site Offline Again ?!
  167. Streaming Movies on Netflix?
  168. Omnia 3D!!!!
  169. FM Transmitter on I8910
  170. Hyperx web site forbidden
  171. The video on the Wave
  172. Make video recording record audio through speech mic?
  173. i8910 in New Delhi, India?
  174. Anyone with O2 + internet?
  175. how are dialpad codes discovered?
  176. does anyone measure db output?
  177. broked my 8910 screen
  178. Hang till battery
  179. Any T-Mobile Users from the US? + NOOB QUESTIONS!
  180. Question regarding camera and notes
  181. will apples new iphone camming allow video camming on the HD in the US?
  182. Need Some help for i8910
  183. HX on All about Symbian.....AGAIN.
  184. Should i upgrade to omnia hd
  185. Something to brag about...
  186. Do i buy a Samsung i8910?
  187. Best way of viewing YouTube?
  188. Let's do some BENCHMARKING !
  189. unlocking and debranding
  190. New battery
  191. New Samsung Texting Method
  192. Cover effect!!!
  193. this phone is really strong!!
  194. Update via PC suit screwed my phone...Help
  195. Can you book a flight/hotel with omnia Hd ?
  196. How long does it take to charge the omnia ?
  197. disabling those read/write request for java apps.
  198. is video camming possible?
  199. Question
  200. IMPI call recorder
  201. what other countries are doing
  202. Steve Litchfield reviews HX firmware.
  203. PROS and CONS
  204. Where do you find games and apps for i8910?
  205. Is the omnia Hd a complicated device ?
  206. Tough one for Samsung
  207. 8gb vs 16gb
  208. Remind of the beggining
  209. Will the i8910 Work With T-Mobile 3G in the USA?
  210. Samsung i8910... Running Windows Phone 7 Series!
  211. Htc desire or omnia Hd ?
  212. request regarding calender
  213. Just Got Samsung Omnia
  214. Greeting & 1st steps :)
  215. Handwriting Recognition Speed
  216. Anyone know what Video Codecs are supported by the built-in Player?
  217. where will you go next? .
  218. multitouch available soon?!
  219. World's best 10 phones...
  220. Fevves: Selling My i8910 - NOT HERE PAL!!!
  221. i8910 wannabe!
  222. Any Broken Flaps (covers)
  223. How to disassemble I8910 - Very cool video
  224. Omg our phone was on oprah!
  225. Discovered something new with 3D task manager today
  226. Thinking of buying i8910 - 2 worst features
  227. Sygic AURA 3D GPS - looks amazing!
  228. Codes
  229. Symbian^4 first look
  230. emoticons??
  231. Airplane/ Airport mode.
  232. heres a thought,Scroll Search
  233. sms iphone layout????
  234. For use on Vodafone ?
  235. Official Firmware or Cooked? Discussion
  236. Yet another comparison of i8910 vs N97 vs Nexus
  237. Music Player quality
  238. YDL on PS3 to play i8910 videos?
  239. Did a test with full battery and Joikuspot...
  240. Alternate Line Service (ALS) ???
  241. just an FYI, BLIP.TV streaming works in browser
  242. Symbian S^3
  243. SPB Mobile Shell coming to symbian soon.
  244. Pros and cons of the Samsung i8910.
  245. A good article about exposure meter,ISO (shutter speed) and how to use it
  246. What if...
  247. what do you feel over other phone?
  248. requires my Samsung i8910 back
  249. Just popping in :)
  250. i8910HD CPU Clock comparision