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Originally Posted by srini09 View Post
Hi Vik,

I am using the Omnia HD in India and use the GPS application extensively. Here's what you need to do to get it operational.

Go to Tools--> Location --> Positioning --> Positioning methods. In this, ensure only the Integrated GPS option is selected.

Take the handset out into an area without much obstacles and the gps should work just fine. The native Route 66 software is fantastic and the roads in India are well mapped out. As I mentioned before, I use this extensively for my navigation needs.


Thanks Srini. That helps but I'm using it for the 1st time. So I might need more elaborate usage & guidance tips related to it. How to use it?
This is what I do:
1. I opened Samsung LBS app & under that I tried to open GPS+. It pops up with 2 sub titles:
a) Download data
b) Check valid time
What are they? When I clicked on 'Download data', it said that 'To speed up GPS operation, GPS requires data download & it'll incur charges. Downloaded data will be valid for 7 days'
What does that mean?
2. I clicked on 'Navigation', it did went to the correct position in the Indian map & kept on 'Getting position'. Later it came with this error: 'Street not digitised'
Why so?
3. Under 'Travel guides', when I selected Lonely planet app, & selected for Indian map, it is locked & I think 0.99 eiros is the cost. What is that?

Please elaborate or provide any guide of how to use it. Also assist if I'm doing it wrong somewhere. By the way, I'm based in Hyderabad.

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