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Originally Posted by bjb0019 View Post
Hey folks,
I have no words to describe the joy.
As you may know from the earlier posts of this thread, my oHD went in coma(bricked) during Sept 2011. And I never threw it away, it was lying in one of my closet, nicely packed in its box. I used to insert battery and try to turn it on once every four-five months, but it never did.
Except for today. Woah. For four years it was bricked and now it's back. Everything works just fine except battery, which charges and drains pretty fast. But I will buy a new battery along with body panel so that wont be an issue.
Well, it is really nice to see my baby come back to life.
Anyways, time to search for some .sis files
I hope everyone is having a good one. Miss you guys.

Wow, that's amazing. The Omnia HD never just respawns in hell ;-) I hope you can still find some ROMs.

Miss you and the rest of the guys too. XDA isn't nearly as nice and fun :-)
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