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Unhappy oHD to NoHD

I had taken my oHD to the best cellphone support market of my city.. (rather my country) And I found out there that my oHD is suffering from short circuit problem! One guy over there told me he could try to repair it for 2.5k but he won't guaranty that it will work. (I know he just want to steal the hardware, as anyway the phone is dead... I saw it in his eyes )
So sadly there is no oHD for me now..
No matter if they release quadcore or hexcore phones oHD is the best phone I ever had and I ever will.. I kinda got emotionally attached to it!
And I have realized that no matter how good your life is going one day you wake up and your loved one is gone.. gone beyond your reach... (I woke up early morning kept the phone for charging and slept, and when I woke up again.. it was gone!)
I might not leave this forum yet.. but I won't be much frequent user... after all this blue and grey color will always remind me of my shine black pet..
As for my new phone, I don't think I will be buying anything yet, I would like to wait for something really good hardware.

-Long live oHD
-Slice of Life
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